Graham Watchmakers Since 1695

A show stopping, distinctive, one of a kind watch is exactly the kind of accessory you want to own if standing out from the crowd is your thing.

 Graham has been manufacturing watches since 1695 and they arguably know the industry better than anyone else. They might not be the first legendary watch brand to come to mind when you think about luxury watches, but if they slip off your radar, you are missing out.

They have one of the most illustrious histories of all watch making companies and they have earned a reputation in their own right for creating stunning watches for both men and women. Each of the Graham collections are carefully planned and crafted using the very best materials available. Meticulous care is taken with the creation of every watch and no detail is spared. This means every one of the watches made adheres to their promise of a luxury, one of a kind piece.

Graham operates as an independent watch company and they have their own production facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which happens to be the watchmaking capital of Switzerland, the country best known for being home to countless famous watchmaking companies.  All of the Graham watch movements are first rate Swiss and they have been either adapted or engineered exclusively for this company.

Originally, Graham was founded by George Graham, an Englishman who at the founding of the company was living in Fleet Street, London. Although the company now operates out of Switzerland, it is considered to be a quintessential English watch company. The master watchmaker who created the company was born in 1673 and worked hard to gain the skills necessary to found a company which has stood the test of time.

Graham luxury watches are always on trend and have that touch of unbelievable sophistication that many expect when buying such an accessory. Their watches are designed to suit all tastes and styles, with classical pieces and more modern accessories being available for purchase. A quick browse through the various collections will certainly yield something that you like and if price is something you are concerned about, you can always take a look at the second hand accessories on the market.

The 4 Collections

With 4 fabulous watch collections to choose from, buyers really have an exclusive opportunity to select the perfect watch.

The Swordfish collection is highly unorthodox but incredibly trendy, making it truly stand out from all other watches on the market. These watches have eye catching faces, with 2 magnifying glasses over the minute and hour counters. The Chronofighter Vintage collection features more demure pieces, with designs leaning on 1940’s military aviation.  The Silverstone collection is inspired by the race track and these pieces feature elegant, sophisticated designs. The final collection is the Geo Graham. Unlike any watch you’ll have seen before, these watches explore the origins of watchmaking and both science and art are incorporated into these timeless pieces.

Buy Graham watches online

The Graham watch is likely to be the one timekeeping piece that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Simple yet highly sophisticated and undeniably elegant, the Graham watch is truly a fabulous accessory. You can buy yours online from Topwatch.


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