Longines Watches - Swiss Watchmaking since 1832

With its long and illustrious history, Longines watches are backed by years of watchmaking experience, creativity, ingenuity and innovation. Regarded as one of the most luxurious watches you could lay your hands on, owning a Longines watch is something every serious horology enthusiast should aim for.

The Longines watchmaking company was founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz. Along with two partners, Agassiz made and sold pocket watches with a distinguishable crown-wheel escapement which had quite the similarity to those produced in Switzerland at this time. 


By 1846, Agassiz had become the head of his company and began to create a name for himself in the USA, through the use of his family contacts. Once his watches had crossed the Atlantic, they were a huge hit and became one of the must have brands for those living in the US.

In the years leading up to the 1900’s, the company would grow quite rapidly with a lot of new, talented people coming on board to grow the product collection and improve the quality of the products that they sold. The company would also, during this period, manufacture its very first movement. This movement was a 20-line calibre which had pendant winding, setting mechanism, and anchor escarpment. In 1867, the movement won an award at the Paris Universal Exhibition.

The watchmaking company would go on to produce many innovative mechanisms and the watches would continue to take on different shapes and sizes. Longines would also win countless awards for their timekeeping pieces.

One of its most notable features to be displayed on their watches was the winged hourglass logo. It was registered in 1889 and to this date it is the oldest, completely unchanged active trademark. Much to the company’s dismay, there would be many attempts to produce counterfeits which made the trademarked design a necessity.

As the company had entered the 1900s, they not only registered its first chronograph movement but had also quickly earned a formidable reputation for producing high-quality, precise watches that could quite easily stand the test of time.

The ownership of Longines changed hands a few times. It’s most recent changes happened in 1983, when the then owner, ASUAG, merged with SSIH, which also owned Omega SA, which would later become SMH. SMH joined with the Swatch Group in 1988 and Longines continued to manufacture watches.

An interesting fact about Longines is that it is one of only seven other watch brands that has been given the lowest environmental rating which means the company is not exactly eco-friendly. This is something to keep in mind if you are keen on only supporting eco-conscious watch brands.

Longines Watch Collections

Currently the brand features 5 beautiful watch collections. The watch collections go by names which include Elegance, Classic, Heritage, Sport and Watchmaking Tradition.

In total, there are 17 watches manufactured by Longines and each of them are made with the very best materials and each is made to last a lifetime.

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