Although the company had created quite the reputation for themselves with their fountain pens, that was not to be the end of their legendary pen manufacturing. In the years that followed, the company would produce more stylish writing instruments, some with dazzling jewels, to add to a growing collection that would further cement their popularity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cheapest Montblanc?

The cheapest Montblanc watch starts from about R 20 000 and then you also have the option of buying a pre-owned watch, which can sometimes be cheaper than that.

How much is a genuine Montblanc watch?

Genuine Montblanc watches will generally have a starting price tag of about R 20 000, with prices easily running into the R 100 000s.

Are Montblanc worth the money?

Given the fact that Montblanc watches are luxury buys, and are more than capable of holding onto their value for years so long as they are properly maintained, the Montblanc is worth the money.

What is the hardest Montblanc to get?

For the most part, the most difficult Montblanc watches to buy will be any of the watches considered to be collectables or any watches from the brand’s vintage collection.

What is the hardest Montblanc to get?

The Montblanc watch that you buy should be the one that meets your expectations and fits into your budget without you having to go overboard.

How long will a Montblanc last?

Since Montblanc watches are luxury buys, you can be sure that your watch will last a lifetime. These watches are manufactured using the best metals and the watchmakers are highly experienced professionals, making their watches superior accessories.

How do I tell if my Montblanc is real?

There are various ways that you can tell if your watch is real. Check for the obvious giveaways like skew lettering, flaking metals, badly copied logos, numbers that don’t look quite right, and a lack of a serial number. To avoid buying a fake, only ever buy from a reputable dealer.

Should I buy a new or used Montblanc?

The choice between a new or used Montblanc watch is going to depend on whether you want to be the sole owner or not. Both watches, depending on where you buy it, will have its perks as even used watches can be bought in pristine condition.

What is the most wanted Montblanc?

The most wanted Montblanc watch is likely to be one of the limited edition watches or those in a vintage collection. These watches won’t usually be easily available and as such that are much sought after.

How much is Montblanc service cost?

The cost for a Montblanc service will depend on the place that you are taking your watch to for the service, the amount of work that needs to be done and the type of watch that you have. It can be best to get a few quotes before settling on a company to do the service. You should also check reviews to make sure that you are taking your watch to a trusted company.

How can I tell the year of my Montblanc?

There are a few ways to tell the year of your Montblanc watch. The easiest way is to check the serial number, or you can have a look for the watch online. You can also check any of the official paperwork the watch came with.

Do Montblanc watches need maintenance?

Yes, since the Montblanc is a luxury watch, you will want to make sure that it is given its regular bit of maintenance in order to make sure that the watch keeps its value and stays in great working order.

Do Montblanc watches hold their value?

Yes, your Montblanc watch should hold its value well because it is a luxury watch made by expert hands, using the best materials. To further ensure that the watch holds its value, it helps to make sure that the watch is properly maintained.

Do Montblanc watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

All Montblanc watches should come with some form of authenticity, or something that will point to the watch being the real deal. To make sure that you get this paperwork, it is best to buy your watch from a reputable company.

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