As a true Innovator of the watch and jewellery world , Piaget strongly believed in creativity and artistic values. It is within the walls of their extraordinaire where the master artisan continue to harness rare skills tah have been preserved and perfected from generation to generation. Crafting high partition movements and also known for their ultra-thin movements.


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Luxury Piaget Watches for Sale in South Africa 

Where Luxury Watches and Luxury Jewellery Meet

The world of jewellery making and the watch making industry collide in the most spectacular fashion to bring you the luxury Piaget watch. As a watch making brand, Piaget is well versed in the manufacturing of the world’s most beautiful watches for men and women. There watches are instant attention grabbers and are worn by happy customers the world over.

Piaget watches are Swiss made and they are known for being a lot flatter than your more conventional wristwatches. Because of their design and their flat appearance, they are easily able to capture that sophisticated look that many modern watch collectors try to achieve, because these watches move easily from the boardroom to outside activities.

Since the brand is proud of its mix of jewellery making and watch making, the watches available from Piaget are often made using gold and precious diamonds. The watches also have various accessories and complications which helps to give them their luxury status. There are currently over 1000 models featuring diamonds, and with the brand’s long and illustrious history, anyone who owns one of these watches can be sure of the brand’s luxury status.

You can find a range of new and second-hand Piaget watches for sale at the best prices in South Africa when you shop online from Topwatch.

A Brief Look at Piaget’s History

Piaget is a brand that was launched back in 1874, and it has become the preferred watchmakers for a large host of customers.

The company was founded in Côte-Aux-Fées by Georges-Edouard Piaget, who set up his first workshop in the family farmhouse. He spent most of his time learning and practicing how to produce high-precision movements. Initially a farmer who built pocket watches for extra money during the winter, but once his son Timothee Piaget took over, the watchmaking side of the business became the family’s main income.

As his company steadily grew and expanded into new areas, the Piaget brand became a popular business for those who were looking for a practical but luxury brand that would meet their expectations all while looking fantastic. The company has fast become a global brand and the watches can be bought in just about every country on the planet.

Today the brand is famous for its big collection of timepieces and since the brand is a luxury one, the watches are well known for being lifelong buys.

The Piaget Watch Collections for Sale in South Africa

This is one brand that proudly creates a range of watches suitable for both men and women. The timepieces range from simple elegance to something a little fancier. The watch collections also include a range of jewellery watches which are, of course, the best example of what it is that Piaget creates.

The Piaget collections include the Black Tie, the Piaget Polo, the Possession Watches, the Altiplano, the Limelight Gala, the Jewellery Watches and the High Jewellery Watches. Each of the watches are made according to the highest industry standards and each is designed to look like more or less like a piece of jewellery.

Piaget boasts an excellent heritage and if you wish to own your very own Piaget watch you can find the perfect timepiece on the Topwatch website.



Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Piaget watch?

The cheapest Piaget watches start from around R 45 000 but you can find cheaper watches if you opt for a second hand watch.

How much is a genuine Piaget watch?

A genuine Piaget watch can start from about R 45 000 and go up to R 200 000 or more, depending on the model you choose.

Are Piaget worth the money?

Yes, when you chose to buy a Piaget watch, you are investing in a luxury timepiece, that is worth the money you are spending. And considering that you will have the watch for a lifetime, it will be well worth your money.

What is the hardest Piaget to get?

The hardest Piaget watch that you can buy will be any of the watches in the vintage selections or the limited edition range.

Which Piaget should I buy?

The Piaget watch that you ultimately choose to buy should be the one that suits your budget and your tastes. If you don’t have the greatest budget, you can always look for a watch in the used range.

How long will a Piaget last?

Since any Piaget watch you buy will be a luxury watch made using the very best materials and made by the most skilled people, your Piaget watch is certainly going to last you a lifetime.

How do I tell if my Piaget is real?

There are various ways to tell if your Piaget watch is real as the giveaways of a fake watch are easy to spot if you know where to look. Some things to look for, when you are trying to make sure that the watch you have bought is real, is things like peeling or flaking metals or paints, a badly copied logo or lettering that doesn’t quite look right.

Should I buy a new or used Piaget?

The new option as well as the used option come with their own benefits and either choice is perfectly fine, so long as the watch choice fits in with your budget, your needs and your expectations.

What is the most wanted Piaget?

The most wanted Piaget watch is going to be one of the watches in the vintage collection or in the limited edition range. Any of the watches that are hard to buy are going to be hard to find and thus more desirable.

How much is Piaget service cost?

The price that you will end up paying for a Piaget service is going to depend on a number of factors which will include the type of watch that you own, the amount of work that needs to be done and the company or the person that you take the watch to for the service.

How can I tell the year of my Piaget?

There are generally two ways that you can tell the year of your watch. The easiest and the most obvious way would be to have a good look at any of the paperwork that the watch comes with. The other option is to have a look at the serial number. You can also just Google the watch and the watch make, to determine the year.

Do Piaget watches need maintenance?

Yes, absolutely. Since the Piaget watch is a luxury brand it will need a regular service in order to keep the watch well maintained. This will ensure that the watch works just as it should and it will also ensure that the watch stays in a good condition.

Do Piaget watches hold their value?

Yes, any Piaget watch you buy will hold its value quite well, so long as it is regularly maintained and stored in a safe place.

Do Piaget watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Piaget watches should come with some paperwork proving their authenticity.



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