U-Boat: Italo Fontana Luxury Italian Craftsmanship

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U-Boat: Italo Fontana Luxury Italian Craftsmanship

Handcrafted in Italy, the Italo Fontana selection of watches is the perfect example of Italian craftsmanship. This is one of the few watch companies that are not Swiss and can proudly say that they are “Made in Italy”.

Each watch is produced one at a time by the team of professional experts at the company’s headquarters in Lucca, which is in Tuscany, Italy. The vast majority of the U-Boat watches are made using advanced and often unusual techniques along with the best quality materials. Classic steel, bronze, gold, silver, ceramics and titanium are among the commonly used materials. Italo Fontana is a big fan of trying out new things and being innovative, without looking to the market for approval.

Over the course of their history, they have earned a reputation for coming up with new ideas, as well as new devices and methods. They also bring innovations into the systems and mechanisms that make the watches as luxurious as they are. By being consistently innovative, this company is able to bring consistent value to customers with every new watch.

U-Boat watches are made to withstand the elements and they are known to stay in a great condition in even the most extreme climates. U-Boat Italo Fontana watches are not your average luxury watches. They are designed with purpose. Each watch is distinctive and easily recognisable because of the large crown placed on the left side of the watch case. The watches are personally designed by the company and they are kept simple and uncluttered so that they can be easily read at a glance. These watches are highly sophisticated and are undeniably unique.

The powerful look of the watches exudes confidence and power. This is a brand for those who share these characteristics and are looking for the perfect statement piece.

The history of the company begins with Ilvo Fontana, who was an engineering craftsman known for creating precise instruments. His first big commission was with the Italian Navy, to create watches for the Navy Pilots. But it was only in 2000, when Fontana’s grandson found his grandfather’s early designs, that the first U-Boat watches were made.

The Luxury Collections

As with all reputable brands, you have a number of selections to choose from. These collections take inspiration from the past while also bringing in new innovations. The collections include the Chimera, the Classico, the U-42, the Capsule, and the Precious. Each collection is the perfect example of precision and quality. The pieces also resemble the one industry that has provided the most inspiration: the Navy. The designs of each watch are beautifully stylish and while most of the designs lean towards the masculine, many of the watches can easily be considered unisex.

Buy U-Boat Italo Fontana Watches Online

In terms of luxury watches, Italo Fontana’s watches are hard to compare to others, simply because this is a company that follows its own rules when it comes to design and functionality. The U-Boat luxury watches are well worth having, and you can buy them online from Topwatch.


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