Blancpain is a Swiss Watch manufacturer, with it's headquarters located in Paudex/Le Brass in Switzerland. With the founder by the name of Jehan Jaques Blancpain. With Blancpain as the oldest surviving watchmaking brand in the world you just can't go wrong adding one of these master pieces to your watch collection. 

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Blancpain Watches: Manufacture de haute horlogerie

A Swiss luxury watch brand with a rich and interesting history, Blancpain Watches are mostly classical timepieces, although they have been modernised with all of the latest popular features that watch collectors have come to love. The brand has numerous watches in its luxury catalogues, with something for everyone to enjoy.

A company dating back to 1735, Blancpain is named after the man who started it all; Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. In 1735, he registered as a watchmaker in the village of Villeret. For almost 200 years, Blancpain remained a family owned business, with the company being handed down to descendant watchmakers, who kept his incredible legacy alive. When each new generation, new and improved watches were produced. In 1932, the company was passed on to a long-term assistant, Betty Fletcher, who would become the companies first female CEO. She chose to co-manage the company with the help of her nephew, and by 1950, after working together for 20 years, the company had a new look.

The company has easily kept up with the times while adding innovative touches that make their watches truly luxurious. The Blancpain watches hold their value over time and the materials used ensures longevity. Each piece is stylish and quite perfect for all watch owners.

Inspiration comes from all over when it comes to the design of the Blancpain watches. Although much of the design inspiration comes from traditional timepieces, there are a few modern designs available for those who want the Blancpain quality in modern watch design.

Blancpain is the world’s oldest watch brand and even during those early days the company was fully committed to pushing the limits of watchmaking. “Innovation is our tradition” is the company’s guiding principle.

The Collections

The 5 incredible watch collections available from Blancpain are the perfect representation of innovation meets modern design. Using the company’s combined experience as well as their team’s immense skills has resulted in a collection of watches that perfectly reflect this brand. The current collections include the Villeret Collection, the Fifty Fathoms Collection, the Women Collection, the Metiers d’Art Collection and they also have a selection of cufflinks and writing instruments. 

The Villeret Collection is the “most classical of the collections”, according to the official website. The models in this collection are true to the company’s roots, the watches embody those first aesthetic styles. If true timeless elegance is what you are looking for, this is the collection for you.

In the Fifty Fathoms Collection, you’ll find watches that take inspiration from the diving world. They were first introduced in 1953 when they proudly took on the reputation for being the first modern diving watch.

The Women Collection is quite literally made for women. The designs are ultra-feminine and pay homage to the pioneering role that Blancpain contributed to the role of women in watchmaking. These watches are made just for the modern woman who wants to add a touch of elegance to their attire.

The Metiers d’Art Collection is the company’s final watch collection, and it is the perfect example of this watchmaker’s keen attention to detail and the wonderful design and intricate inner work that has helped to cement this brands luxury reputation.

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