Breguet is a luxury watch, clock and jewelry manufacturer founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France in 1775. Breguet pride's it self for the impact all their innovation and creations have made to the watch world.  Since 1999, it has been a subsidiary of one of the biggest watch companies in the world Swatch Group.

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Shop Swiss Luxury Breguet Watches For Sale in South Africa

For any watch collector, owning a Swiss luxury watch is the definition of style. Swiss watches are so often the standard for luxury that for many collectors, owning one has become a status symbol. Breguet watches fall under the Swiss luxury banner, because it ticks all of the boxes for what a luxury watch should be.

We offer a luxurious selection of Breguet watches for sale in South Africa

Luxury watches are highly sought after, not just because they are a status symbol, but also because they are made to stand the test of time. These watches are manufactured using the best of the best in terms of both skill and materials. Not only are luxury watches generally a lot more expensive than the average watch, but they are also guaranteed to last a lifetime, with a little maintenance.

There should be no surprise that Breguet watches can be bought from most luxury watch companies. When included in any watch collection, the Breguet will definitely add extra value.


A Brief History of Breguet

Like most luxury watch companies, Breguet boasts Swiss origins, through the founder. The company has a history dating back to 1747, and in the hundreds of years since then, the company has been responsible for some of the most impressive watch inventions.

The company was founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet who came from Neuchatel. He left his home and move to Versailles, and later on Paris, were he learned the ins and outs of luxury watch manufacturing. By 1775 he had set up his first workshop in the heart of Paris and with the assistance of Joseph-Francois Marie, he was introduced to the French court. Once he had his foot in this aristocratic door, he was soon inundated with posh clientele, all of whom wanted his watches.

But his success in the city was cut short by the French Revolution, which forced him to flee the country for a brief period, returning to his native Switzerland. By 1795, he returned to Paris to rebuild his shop and his reputation as a fine watch maker.

From 1801 to around 1823, Breguet found success again, selling to Russians. He soon opened a shop in Saint Petersburg, but just 3 years later, he had to abandon it due to the Tsar banning French products from Russia.

By 1893, the company was in the hands of Breguet’s son, and a new era of watch making dawned. The company took on a new life and the goal changed from selling to upmarket aristocracy, to selling to the everyday person.


Breguet Watch Collections

Given the company’s really long history, it has amassed an amazing collection of luxury watches. Some of the most popular watch collections include Tradition, Classique, Classique Complications, Marine, Type XX XXI XXII, Reine de Naples, Heritage and High Jewellery.

Each collection features stunning examples of exceptional watch making and it is easy to find the kind of watch that will fit in well with your style and your budget. When buying from this brand, you will have the option of buying either a brand new Breguet watch or opting for a second hand one.  

How much is the cheapest Breguet?

Breguet watches are known to be incredibly expensive because they are such exclusive buys. The cheapest Breguet watch starts at just over R 100 000. If you are looking for a much cheaper option, you can always choose to buy a second hand Breguet watch.

How much is a genuine Breguet watch?

A genuine Breguet watch can start at around R 100 000 and go well beyond R 1 000 000.

Are Breguet worth the money?

Since the Breguet brand is well known for making luxury watches, any Breguet that you choose to include in your accessories is going to be well worth the money that you spend on it as these watches hold onto their financial value. 

What is the hardest Breguet to get?

Some of the hardest Breguet watches to get can be found in collections considered vintage or special, limited edition ranges. Often only a small number of these watches are still in circulation, which drives up their value.

Which Breguet should I buy?

The Breguet watch that you choose to buy should be the watch that meets your style expectations and your general requirements. It is important that you take your time to find that perfect watch.

How long will a Breguet last?

Any Breguet watch can last beyond a lifetime if it is stored in a good condition and kept properly maintained. These luxury watches are well known for being made using the best materials, something that certainly helps in terms of longevity.

How do I tell if my Breguet is real?

There are a variety of easy ways to tell if your Breguet watch is real. For starters you can look for the more obvious signs that the watch is fake. Such signs include misaligned lettering, a lack of an authentic serial number, smudges on paint work, or a logo that quite clearly looks as though it is fake.

Should I buy a new or used Breguet?

Both the new option as well as the used option have their benefits. Buying a new watch is a great idea if you have the budget for it, and there is some appeal to owning a new watch, as you will be the only person to have ever worn it. A used watch is a great buy if you want to own a luxury timepiece but you don’t have the money for a new one.

What is the most wanted Breguet?

Given the fact that the watch brand has been around for over 200 years, there are many Breguet watches that have become in demand. These watches are generally in the limited availability section or in a specified vintage collection.

How much is Breguet service cost?

The cost of a service for a Breguet watch can change depending on a few factors. The price can be affected by the type of watch you have, the amount of work that needs to be done on the watch and the place or person that you take the watch to for the service.

How can I tell the year of my Breguet?

By far the easiest and most accurate way to check the year in which the watch has been manufactured is to check any of the paperwork that the watch should have come with. Another way to check the year would be to have a look at the serial number printed on the watch.

Do Breguet watches need maintenance?

As any Breguet watch is considered a luxury buy, they will need some maintenance, ideally on an annual basis, to ensure that the watch stays in a good condition and perfect working order.

Do Breguet watches hold their value?

Breguet watches are well known for holding onto their value. Since the watches are made using expert techniques and the best quality materials, they will keep their financial value for years to come.

Do Breguet watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Breguet watches will generally come with a certificate of origin which can be used as a certificate of authenticity. Make sure that you ask whoever you are buying the watch from to provide you with all of the necessary paperwork that should accompany the timepiece.




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