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CIGA Design Watches – Award Winning Wristwatches

With an array of fashionable watch accessories that have an emphasis on the mechanics of the design, the wristwatches manufactured by CIGA Design are not only beloved by their growing, dedicated customer base, but they are also taking home awards.

In a fiercely competitive watch world, CIGA has perfected the recipe of watchmaking success. Their designs are not only made to be appealing to those who buy them, but the way in which the watches have been made has cemented the company’s place in the industry as a luxury watch brand.

CIGA Designs’ primary aim is to create watches that meet the standards of its clients. They manufacture watches that people actually want to wear and that they will enjoy having, while they also focus on making sure that the watches they make are affordable.

In the luxury watch world, watches are made to be long lasting and invaluable, by combining the right kind of high quality materials with a design process that gives the watches their long lifespan.

The History of CIGA Designs

CIGA Designs was founded by Zhang Jianming. With his 30 years of industrial design experience and his place in the top 10 list of the best industrial designers in China, Jianming continues to hold his place as the CEO.

The company is different from other luxury watch making brands in that it was only founded in November of 2012 and in October 2013 their first wristwatch was launched. Following the introduction of the first CIGA watch, the company won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award, the first of many awards CIGA would earn for their designs in the years following their first watch.

By 2019, CIGA had started its march towards earning a global status and it had also collaborated with other designers, bringing something new to their growing collections.

CIGA also created a number of partnerships, the first of which being with Seagull. In this partnership, CIGA worked closely with Seagull to create custom watch movements that are specially made to work in the CIGA watch.

As for their collaborations, the company has worked with Michael Young, an immensely experienced designer who works across a wide variety of industries. A few of his designs have featured in French, German, and English galleries and museums.

And recently the company has introduced the smartwatch to their collections. Understanding that smartwatches can never replace the traditional watch, they designed their smartwatches to fill the space that traditional watches cannot. In doing so, customers can now buy a fully functional smartwatch that suits their personality as well as their needs.

CIGA Deign Watch Collections

Because CIGA is a rather exclusive brand, and since they only manufacture so many new designs a year, they don’t have specific collections.

Currently, the most popular CIGA watches for sale include the Z-Series Titanium Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch, the Aircraft Carrier Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch, the R-Series Danish Rose Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch and the Titanium Edition Michael Young Series Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch.

At Topwatch we source and evaluate each watch to confirm its authenticity and its value before selling our second hand watches.

You can get second hand CIGA Design watches for sale in South Africa at competitive prices from Topwatch.

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