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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Ebel?

The cheapest Ebel watch is likely to be one from the used range but if you are looking to buy a new Ebel watch, the cheapest prices start at around R 10 000.

How much is a genuine Ebel watch? 

Genuine Ebel watches start from around R 10 000 and can go up to R 162 000 and higher. These watches are worth the buy and they are more than capable of keeping their value.

Are Ebel worth the money?

Yes, an Ebel watch is absolutely worth the money. These are luxury watches that are able to hold their value and they tend to become treasured heirlooms.

What is the hardest Ebel to get?

The most difficult Ebel watch to buy is any of the perhaps more expensive watches that are in limited circulation. Ebel doesn’t manufacture a massive range of watches, so you could even say that all of their watches are a little hard to buy if you don’t know where to look.

Which Ebel should I buy?

The Ebel watch that you should buy should be the one that suits your budget and is the one that is really able to fit in with your style. The watch that fits your criteria could be found in the new or used ranges of Ebel watches.

How long will an Ebel last?

Being a luxury watch, your Ebel buy should be able to last a lifetime, so long as the watch is kept in the best possible condition and given its regular maintenance. This is what makes the Ebel watch a great buy.

How do I tell if my Ebel is real?

There a few ways to make sure your watch is real:

·        Only buy from a reputable dealer. Even if you are buying from a second hand watch seller, it is important that you try to do a background check.

·        Check any lettering on the watch and make sure that it is not misaligned or misspelled.

·        Listen to the ticking of the watch. It should have a steady tick.

·        Check for the watch serial number and if possible cross check it with the manufacturer.

Should I buy a new or used Ebel?

The choice between buying a new or used watch will be entirely up to you and both of the options will have their perks. A new watch is ideal for those who want to be the only one to own the watch, while the used option is perfect for those who are buying on a budget.

What is the most wanted Ebel?

Since Ebel doesn’t manufacture loads of watches, most of them are quite desirable. Some of the most wanted watches can be found in either a limited or vintage range. 

How much is Ebel service cost?

The cost of an Ebel watch service depends on a number of different factors including who you take the watch to and the watch that you have. The amount of work that will be done will also have an effect on the price.

How can I tell the year of my Ebel?

The easiest way to check the year of the watch would be to check the watch serial number and/or the documentation that the watch comes with.

Do Ebel watches need maintenance?

Yes, your Ebel watch will need to be regularly maintained. An annual service should be more than enough to keep your watch in good working order and to ensure that the timepiece keeps its value.

Do Ebel watches hold their value?

Yes, an Ebel watch should be able to hold onto its value really well, so long as you remain committed to keeping the watch well maintained.

Do Ebel watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, your Ebel watch should come with a certificate of authenticity. Whether you buy a used watch or a new one, you should double check that your watch arrives with the correct documentation.





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