George聽Graham聽was an esteemed London clockmaker, who became Master of the Clockmakers' Company in 1722. He went on to create and patent the modern ideas of the cylinder escapement and introduced it to all his聽watches聽in 1726 - effectively making British watchmaking the best in the world.

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Graham Watches for Sale in South Africa

Watchmakers Since 1695

A show stopping, distinctive, one of a kind watch is exactly the kind of accessory you want to own if standing out from the crowd is your thing.

Graham has been manufacturing watches since 1695 and they arguably know the industry better than anyone else. They might not be the first legendary watch brand to come to mind when you think about luxury watches, but if they slip off your radar, you are missing out.

Shop a range of new and pre-owned graham watches for sale online in South Africa.

They have one of the most illustrious histories of all watch making companies and they have earned a reputation in their own right for creating stunning watches for both men and women. Each of the Graham collections are carefully planned and crafted using the very best materials available. Meticulous care is taken with the creation of every watch and no detail is spared. This means every one of the watches made adheres to their promise of a luxury, one of a kind piece.

Graham operates as an independent watch company and they have their own production facilities in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which happens to be the watchmaking capital of Switzerland, the country best known for being home to countless famous watchmaking companies.  All of the Graham watch movements are first rate Swiss and they have been either adapted or engineered exclusively for this company.

Originally, Graham was founded by George Graham, an Englishman who at the founding of the company was living in Fleet Street, London. Although the company now operates out of Switzerland, it is considered to be a quintessential English watch company. The master watchmaker who created the company was born in 1673 and worked hard to gain the skills necessary to found a company which has stood the test of time.

Graham luxury watches are always on trend and have that touch of unbelievable sophistication that many expect when buying such an accessory. Their watches are designed to suit all tastes and styles, with classical pieces and more modern accessories being available for purchase. A quick browse through the various collections will certainly yield something that you like and if price is something you are concerned about, you can always take a look at the second hand accessories on the market.

The 4 Collections

With 4 fabulous watch collections to choose from, buyers really have an exclusive opportunity to select the perfect watch.

The Swordfish collection is highly unorthodox but incredibly trendy, making it truly stand out from all other watches on the market. These watches have eye catching faces, with 2 magnifying glasses over the minute and hour counters. The Chronofighter Vintage collection features more demure pieces, with designs leaning on 1940鈥檚 military aviation.  The Silverstone collection is inspired by the race track and these pieces feature elegant, sophisticated designs. The final collection is the Geo Graham. Unlike any watch you鈥檒l have seen before, these watches explore the origins of watchmaking and both science and art are incorporated into these timeless pieces.

Buy Graham watches online

The Graham watch is likely to be the one timekeeping piece that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Simple yet highly sophisticated and undeniably elegant, the Graham watch is truly a fabulous accessory. You can buy yours online from Topwatch.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cheapest Graham watch?

The most affordable Graham watch that you can buy has a starting price of around R 37 000. The price can go lower if you were to buy a second hand watch.

How much is a genuine Graham watch? 

A genuine Graham watch starts at around R 37 000 and can go up to R 455 000 and more. These are high-end luxury watches that are not manufactured in abundance.

Are Graham watches worth the money?

Graham watches are certainly worth the money you pay for them. These watches have a great reputation in the watch making world and they are known to be luxury buys, both because of the status of the brand and because of the materials used to make the watch.

What is the hardest Graham watch to get?

Graham manufactures a limited number of luxury watches, so a number of them are hard to get and rather sought after. That being said, the Graham Chronofighter 1695 is a tough find.

Which Graham watch should I buy?

The Graham watch that you buy should ideally be the one that you want the most. Whatever watch meets your standards as well as your budget will be the right choice for you so be sure to go through all of the various watches to ensure that you find the watch you want.

How long will a Graham watch last?

Graham watches are well known for lasting a really long time, so long as the watch is well maintained and kept in a good condition, away from dirt and grime. Because of the Graham brand鈥檚 luxury status, the watch will likely last as long as you have it.

How do I tell if my Graham watch is real?

There are quite a number of ways that you can check if your watch is real:

路        The watch band links should have two sets of numbers, one below the 6 o clock position and one above the 12 o clock position.

路        The watch case back should be smooth and it should not be clear.

路        The watch should feel heavy in the hand.

路        The watch price should be on par with what you鈥檇 expect from a luxury watch.

路        The watch should have no made in China parts, something that is the biggest giveaway for a fake watch.

Should I buy a new or used Graham watch?

Either option will have plenty of benefits. With a new watch, you will be the only person to have ever owned the watch, which certainly has its appeal, while if you buy a used watch, the benefit is that the watch is likely to not cost a fortune.

What is the most wanted Graham watch?

The Graham Chronofighter 1695 is one of the most wanted Graham watches.

How much is Graham watch service cost?

The cost of a Graham watch service can vary depending on the type of watch you have, the person or company you take the watch to and the amount of work that will need to be done. When you are weighing up the costs, it helps to have a few quotes to help you make your decision.

How can I tell the year of my Graham watch?

The easiest way to find out the year in which your watch was made would be to check the paperwork that the watch comes with or have a look at the serial number. If you are looking for the year the range was launched, you could always look it up online.

Do Graham watches need maintenance?

Yes, the Graham watch will need maintenance from time to time. Usually an annual or every other year spot of maintenance will be more than enough to keep the watch in good order. This maintenance will be important if you want to make sure that the watch keeps its value.

Do Graham watches hold their value?

Yes, an authentic Graham watch is more than able to keep its value so long as it is kept in a good condition and given its regular maintenance.

Do Graham watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, the Graham watch should come with a certificate of authenticity as well as any other paperwork that you鈥檝e been promised, such as warranties.






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