Since the inception of the brand, Hublot hasn't been afraid to be different. The unique innovations and distinctive designs captured in these timepieces are what set this brand apart from more traditional watchmakers. Thanks to the efforts of Jean-Claude Biver in the 2000s, the maverick quality of these timepieces is something that has caught the eye of consumers, as well as celebrities and sports superstars, such as Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt - the world's fastest man, and even powerhouse couple Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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Hublot Watches for Sale in South Africa

Topwatch offers a range of new and pre-owned Hublot watches for sale in South Africa.

History of Hublot Watches

This is a new watch brand compared to some of the others, founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. The same year he released his first watches under the Hublot brand, it was declared to be the “watch of European Royalty,” which was an accomplishment that few watch brands could match. Crocco had a mission with the founding of Hublot – to make a mark outside of his family’s well-known watch company, Binda. He eventually found his unique style by creating material synergies with a fusion of elements that were considered “unconventional” in the watchmaking industry during that time. The most unique element used, the natural rubber strap, is now ubiquitous for sports watches, but it’s popularity only emerged after Hublot’s pioneering usage.

What Makes Hublot Watches So Appealing?

One of the most appealing factors of the Hublot brand is the fact that these watches are extremely wearable. This means they feature components designed for day to day use, such as rubber sports straps and scratch resistant gold. These factors make it possible to enjoy a high-end, luxury watch, without having to worry about causing serious damage.

Why Should You Purchase Pre-Owned Hublot Watches?

Purchasing a pre-owned Hublot watch opens up a huge array of options and styles. With pre-owned selections, you aren’t limited to what is in production right now. Instead, you can choose from the entire history of Hublot watches, to find the one that suits your style. WatchBox is a leading provider of used Hublot watches, offering customers a huge selection of these wearable, yet luxurious, watches.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the cheapest Hublot?

The cheapest Hublot watch starts at around R 34 000. The price can be lower if you are buying a second hand Hublot from a lesser known collection.

How much is a genuine Hublot watch? 

The price of a genuine Hublot watch starts at around R 34 000 and can go well over R 500 000, depending on the value of the watch as well as the whether or not it is a used watch.

Are Hublot worth the money?

Absolutely, if you are considering buying a Hublot watch, you can be sure that the piece you are buying is going to be worth the money. The Hublot watch holds its value really well, so if you should want to trade it in one day, or pass it down to a family member, the watch will retain its financial value.

What is the hardest Hublot to get?

The hardest Hublot watch that you can buy is the King Power timepiece. This watch is complex and unlike any other watches on the market these days. The watch is very avant-garde, and its intricate design makes it a one of a kind.

Which Hublot should I buy?

The Hublot watch that you end up buying should be the watch that is best suited to your needs, your style and your budget. Your Hublot watch should tick all of your boxes.

How long will a Hublot last?

Because of the value of these watches and the fact that they are manufactured using the very best techniques and according to the various luxury watch industry standards, your Hublot watch is going to be more than able to last more than a lifetime.

How do I tell if my Hublot is real?

There are a few ways that you can tell if your Hublot watch is real:

·        Take a close look at the finer details. The screws will have an H-shape on the top and this is the same screw used across the various models.

·        The logo on the watch should be engraved and never stamped or printed.

·        You should take the time to research the watch seller to make sure that you are buying from a trusted seller.

·        Take a look at the price of the watch and see if it is on par with other Hublot watches for sale.

·        Make sure that the dial says Swiss Made, and that the letters are engraved, spelled correctly, and straight.

Should I buy a new or used Hublot?

The choice is going to be up to you. A new Hublot watch is always nice to own, because being the only one who has ever worn the watch does have its appeal. The downside though, is that a brand new watch can very expensive. A used Hublot watch is equally fantastic to own, and it is far more affordable than a new watch.

What is the most wanted Hublot?

One of the most wanted Hublot watches is the King Power watch. This watch is incredibly unique in its look and this alone has many buyers lining up to add it to their watch collections.

How much is Hublot service cost?

The cost of a service for a Hublot watch is going to depend on various factors. The type of watch you own, the place or person that you take your watch to be serviced, and the amount of work that you will need to do, can all affect the price. 

How can I tell the year of my Hublot?

You should have a look at the serial number on the watch to determine the date.

Do Hublot watches need maintenance?

Yes, even though the Hublot watch is a luxury buy, the watch is still going to need a certain amount of regular maintenance to ensure that it stays in good working order and to also ensure that it keeps its good looks.

Do Hublot watches hold their value?

Yes, a Hublot watch can really hold its value, so long as it is kept in a good working condition. To get its full value, you should also hold onto the watch box.

Do Hublot watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, the Hublot watch comes with a digitised warranty which also serves as a certificate of authenticity.




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