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Mark Gold Watches for Sale at the Best Prices in South Africa

Although it is growing luxury watch brand that doesn’t quite yet share the popularity and fame that some brands to, that doesn’t make the Mark Gold watch anything less than a stunning timepiece. Mark Gold watches are all handcrafted, which gives them a certain appeal that is highly sought after in this ultra-modern world where so many watches and other types of accessories are made through the means of mass production.

Mark Gold is a South African brand that actually has its roots in jewellery making. After 29 years of making the highest quality diamond jewellery, part of the brand changed its trajectory and started focusing on making top quality handcrafted watches. The brand aims to create contemporary luxury and in just a few short years of making gorgeous watches, they are certainly achieving their goals.

Topwatch offers a range of new and pre-owned Mark Gold watches for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.

A Brief History of Mark Gold Watchmaking

The brand has been built by Mark Gold himself, when he decided to follow his curious mind and his unyielding belief that watch design can be combined with beauty. When the company shifted from just being a jewellery brand to becoming a watchmaking company as well, he began to bring his concepts to life in a way that would shake up the industry and change the way things are done.

Bringing in a lot of inspiration from the eclectic approach to making the finest jewellery, the watches manufactured under the Mark Gold banner are bespoke and absolutely unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The company was launched in 1997, and in that same year it was certified by De Beers for its diamond quality. Within two years the brand had expanded into Durban and 10 years later it gained international acclaim when Celine Dion purchased a classic Mark Gold Flower Ring and wore it on stage when she toured South Africa. 

After that the brand had become an almost household name, but in the watch making world and in the watch collecting circles, it was still an unknown.

When the brand introduced its first watch, it was so unique and so unlike the other watches on the market that it easily attracted attention and was soon very popular amongst collectors looking for something a little different.

Mark Gold Watch Collections for Sale in South Africa

The company is not overwhelmed by a huge selection of watches. Instead, the aim has always been to create very specific timepieces that are unlike anything the watch making and watch collecting world has ever seen before.

Each watch boasts a hand finishing and various bespoke elements are added to each timepiece, giving it that special Mark Gold touch.

The brand currently has just the one timepiece in its collection, which is aptly named “The Gamechanger”. This watch is available in one style but the buyer can choose from a range of different colour schemes including black, white, yellow gold, red, orange, blue, and titanium. There are also watches with a combination colour scheme.

The watches are made from the highest quality metals and often the colour finishing is not a paint but actually the colour of the valuable metal used.

You can buy new or a used Mark Gold watches online from Topwatch. Browse our catalogue of watches on our website and select your new timepiece.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cheapest Mark Gold?

The cheapest Mark Gold watch that you can buy will likely come from a watch in the second hand collections. Anytime you go for a pre-loved watch, you will end up paying a lot less even if you are buying a luxury timepiece.

How much is a genuine Mark Gold watch?

A genuine Mark Gold watch can cost about R 50 000 and will go up to R 270 000, even for a second hand piece.

Are Mark Gold worth the money?

Any one of the Mark Gold watches that you buy are going to be worth the money that you spend because they are not only incredibly valuable because of the brand name, but they are also made using the very best materials.

What is the hardest Mark Gold to get?

Mark Gold does not make a huge selection of luxury watches, so you could say that just about any Mark Gold watch you buy might be a little tricky to get.

Which Mark Gold should I buy?

The watch that you buy should be any of the Mark Gold watches that ticks all of your watch requirement boxes. Since there are a few Mark Gold watches to browse through, you can easily find the most appropriate watch for your needs and tastes.

How long will a Mark Gold last?

Mark Gold watches are designed to last a lifetime. These watches are made to last for as long as you have it, and they are likely to become that essential hand me down item that someone in your family can inherit one day.

How do I tell if my Mark Gold is real?

There are a few ways to tell if your Mark Gold watch is the real deal. Check for lettering that might be out of place, smudges on the paint work, a quite obvious fake logo, peeling paint on the bodywork of the watch and a fake serial number. To avoid buying a fake watch, you should make sure that you only buy from a reputable watch seller.

Should I buy a new or used Mark Gold?

The debate over whether you should buy a new watch or a used one comes down to budget. More often than not, the watch price is going to be what determines your choice, so whether you buy new or used will be determined by how much you are willing to spend.

What is the most wanted Mark Gold?

Since Mark Gold watches are a rare find, just about any of their watches can be considered highly desirable.

How much is Mark Gold service cost?

The costs involved with servicing a Mark Gold watch is determined by a number of factors including the type of watch you have, how much work will need to be done, and who is going to be doing the service. Watch service costs will vary from company to company.

How can I tell the year of my Mark Gold?

The simplest way to tell the year of your Mark Gold watch is to look at the serial number or to check the paperwork that the watch should come with. You can also try running a Google search or checking out the official watch website for more information about the year.

Do Mark Gold watches need maintenance?

Yes, as the Mark Gold watch is considered a luxury watch, they will certainly need some maintenance in order to keep the watch in good working order and to ensure that the watch is still holding its value.

Do Mark Gold watches hold their value?

Yes, the Mark Gold watch is more than capable of holding onto its value, so long as the watch is kept in good, well-maintained order.

Do Mark Gold watches come with a certificate of authenticity?

The Mark Gold watch that you buy should come with some form of paperwork proving its authenticity. This paperwork should come too you even if you are buying a second hand watch.

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