Maurice Lacroix

Incorporating vibrant colours and the very best materials the watchmaking world has to offer, Maurice Lacroix combines all of the elements you'd expect to find in a luxury watch, and then takes it to the next level.

The company has a long and illustrious history, something which its parent company, Desco von Schulthess, can draw from in the manufacturing of their world famous luxury Swiss watches.

Maurice Lacroix started selling watches in 1975 but the company's history dates back to 1889. 

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Maurice Lacroix

In its early years, the company focused much of its operations on representing some of Switzerland’s most famous watch brands and most of their representation was focused on the Far East. When the 1960’s rolled around, the parent company acquired a business capable of putting watches together.

The watches were produced in the small Jura Mountain town of Saignelegier. Each piece was designed to be of the highest quality. In its earliest years, the company manufactured watches for a number of different brands and these watches featured a private label on the dial, movement and case.

With all of the experience the company had accumulated over the years, it was only a matter of time before Maurice Lacroix was born and making an impressive name for itself.

Maurice Lacroix is very much committed to the same principles and high standards that most Swiss based companies have become synonymous with. Each of the watches is manufactured at the company workshop which to this day works from Saignelegier.

At this workshop everything truly comes together.

Intelligent know-how, in-depth experience, expertise within the industry, technological skills, and a commitment to producing watches which are in every way luxury, Maurice Lacriox lacks for nothing.

Over the many years that the company has been producing expert timepieces, it has won dozens of awards and countless fans. With its ingenuity when it comes to creativity, and an ever increasing unique approach to craftsmanship, the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds. With fresh ideas and new technology at its finger tips, the company is constantly rethinking the way we see watches.

True to its Swiss roots, the company is well known for its commitment to innovation. Perfectionism and innovation is what has kept this company firmly in the game, and it has also helped the company earn and keep its one-of-a-kind reputation.

Not only does Maurice Lacriox sell luxury watches, but they are also in the business of selling their microscopically precise movements. The knowledge and expertise behind the creation of the watch movements is something which has been passed down from one watchmaker to the next, giving the company a real generational vibe.

Watch Collections

It’s not the company that appeals to the watch collector. Instead, it is the watches they produce.

Maurice Lacriox has 6 watch collections which include the Fiaba, the Aikon Quarts, the Aikon Automatic, the Masterpiece, the Pontos, and the Eliros.

Buckles, straps, specific cases made from specific materials, and dial colours, can all be customised or bought separately. To get your hands on a Maurice Lacriox, you can shop on the TopWatch website. 


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