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Oris - Swiss Watches in Holstein Since 1904

Oris has a fierce commitment to keeping things simple. After all, the mechanical watch is without a doubt as close as manufacturers can get to the original watchmaking techniques while the red rotor used on every watch is simply a trademark that the company has adopted to help clients single out the Oris from any competitors.

For many watch collectors, the mechanical variety is often considered the most beautiful. Built using the same techniques and refined skills which have been around for generations and which will hopefully be used well into the future, the watches are a tremendously popular item. Oris was founded in 1904, and the company is immensely proud of their exceptionally successful, long heritage. With each new design, the company looks back on their history to draw inspiration and build a watch that will last a lifetime.

Being a Swiss brand, collectors can expect to buy the finest quality watches, with inner movements manufactured according to the highest industry standards.

The company was originally founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, in the Swiss town of Holstein. To kick off their company, they bought the Lohner & Co watch factory which had recently closed, and gave the company the name Oris, after a stream which ran close to the factory. By 1911, the company had become the biggest employer in Holstein and by 1925, the company had an impressive 6 factories up and running. Over the next few decades, the company would create new watches and eventually become one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

The Ultimate Mechanical Watch Collection

As we’ve mentioned already, the mechanical watch is Oris’ forte and thanks to the fantastic reliability as well as the unforgettable design, the watches have become quite popular amongst both celebrities and the astute collectors. The different collections are ideal for different uses as well as for different environments, although the watches transcend perfectly from the great outdoors to the boardroom.

Currently, Oris has 4 gorgeous watch collections.  These include the Diving Collection, the Aviation Collection, the Motor Sport Collection and the Culture Collection. Within these collections, those looking for a new watch, will find that they are looking through a wide selection that suits a range of styles and tastes.

Oris is a luxury watch brand and they always stick to their commitment to manufacturing watches that are of the highest industry standards. Using only the best materials and crafting them using a century of skills which have been expertly refined, each timepiece is created to become a lifelong accessory.

Buy Oris Watches Online

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