Rotary is renowned for its Swiss heritage and celebrates over 120 years of watchmaking expertise. This legacy was brought to life by Swiss watchmaker Moise Dreyfuss in 1895 in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds - a family passion that carried on for four generations

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Rotary Watches – A Legacy of Swiss Finesse

Rotary watches are without a doubt some of the more stylish timepieces you will find on the watch market today. Drawing on its Swiss history, which dates back some 120 years, and consistently innovating and coming up with stunning new designs, these watches have earned their luxury reputation.

Rotary is renowned for creating the types of watches that have a classic look but a modern appeal. Every detail put into the manufacturing and the design of these watches is well thought out, ensuring that customers receive the kind of luxury watch they have always wanted. The timepieces are easily recognisable as each is stamped with a marking and since these watches are designed and manufactured in such a way that they are more than able to last a lifetime, they can quite easily become a precious heirloom.

A Swiss History

Rotary watches were first manufactured in 1895. Under the guidance and expertise of Moise Dreyfuss, the Rotary brand was launched in La Chaux de Fonds, a small Swiss town. Although initially only a few watches were manufactured at the time, they almost instantly gained an audience consisting of dedicated fans and watchmakers alike.

Rotary became quite famous for their ability to mix the old with the new. They did not seek to reinvent the wheel, but to modernise it in such a way that the old techniques perfectly complement any new additions. Moise Dreyfuss was utterly dedicated to the craft of watchmaking and it showed with his precise services and his immense attention to detail.

Just 12 years after the company was founded, it was a massive success and it saw the launching of its first UK based office.

By 1925, the company had been passed into the hands of Teddy Dreyfuss and he took the company into the new era of watchmaking. He embraced marketing, and along with his introduction of new designs, he also made sure that the company name was spread far and wide.

The company is rather proud of its heritage and each of their watch collections have a story behind them. Given the long history of the company, the collections they manufacture are a representation of how watch manufacturing has changed over the years.

Today, Rotary Watches are for sale in 65 countries and the brand positions itself as an affordable but stylish watch company. The brand remains a classic and every watch collector should invest in a Rotary Watch.

Rotary Watch Collections

Each watch in the numerous Rotary Watch collections are a mix of old school, timeless design and manufacturing, and the modern contemporary style.

At the moment, there are currently 11 watch collections to browse through, and each has a range of stunning timepieces to choose from. The collections include the Avenger, the Cambridge, the Greenwich, the Henley, the Heritage, the Kensington, the London, the Oxford, the Regent, the Ultra Slim, and the Windsor.

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